Holidays Fuelled By Nostalgia

When, once we get a little older, we travel, do we do so to seek out the new or to recreate the old?

Summer Picks, a reminiscent trip down memory lane to evoke the spirit of Southern England’s seaside, Wales’ mountains and the English heartland’s delightful historic buildings, is the latest publication from Cawston Press – and it certainly angles itself at those who do the latter.

Tickling Londoners’ fancies by reminding them of the sun-kissed summer fun of their youth, it aims to inspire them to make escapes from the Big Smoke over the coming months.

And of course, with wondrous insights a-plenty into the West Country within this gem of a publication, I had to contribute to it! Not only with words – but also with pictures. (read: pictures of me as a small boy on a classic British holiday!). 

OK, small prize for identifying the photograph of me in this!


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