The Viennese Cafes That Force You to Talk to Strangers – Article for

As a coffee addict, I adore Vienna’s coffeehouses. Not because of the coffee necessarily. But because of the environment. They give you a little throwback to the halcyon days – not just of Vienna but of all of Europe. Back at the turn of the century, everyone who was anyone and a great deal of people who weren’t yet anyone but soon would be – we’re talking Freud, Trotsky, Klimt – hung out at one grand cafe or another, talking big, founding movements, conceiving ideas that would become instrumental to how the 20th century evolved.. And whilst Vienna is not quite the cultural force it was, there are plans afoot to bring back the golden days to the city’s coffeehouses. Back in April, I went to find out more. This article – for cultural adventure travel site – is the result.

No phones, no wifi: the Viennese Cafes that Force You to Talk to Strangers.   

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