Culinary Travel

Cacao bean judging, Dos Rios, Ecuador

I have contributed to several food- and wine-themed travel books, plus culinary travel features including:

The Sophisticated Flavours of Rural Wales, BBC Travel Culinary adventures in the Brecon Beacons, Wales

Head in the Clouds, Morning Calm Magazine On the hunt for Lapland’s enigmatic berry superfood in Finland (go to page 90)

Brewing a Revolution, Easyjet Traveller  On Copenhagen coffee culture  

Gourmet Denmark: Traveller’s Guide, Independent On Denmark’s New Wave cuisine

Central Texas Cuisine Raises the Steaks, BBC Travel A journey through Texan food beyond the steak 

Spirit of Mojito: Get Into the Mix of the Mojito in Havana, Destionations of the World News Exploring Havana and Cuba through the country’s most famous cocktail

Tuber of the Times, Morning Calm Magazine How the humble potato has shaped the Andean nation of Peru (scroll to P91)

The Sweet Taste of Success, Insight Indulging in a chocolate-themed tour of Ecuador

Spilling the Beans, Lonely Planet A journey into Ecuador’s elusive cacao industry

Is 5 a Day Really Enough?, Guardian Why the UK has such low recommendations for individual daily fruit and vegetable consumption compared to the rest of the world


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