Over the years, I have forged good relationships with numerous publications. My work has featured in everything from niche-interest like outdoor/adventure through to the UK nationals, several in-flight magazines and international newspapers/magazines. 

Below is a selection of my feature writing…  img_03471




The Human Side of the Big Apple, Orkney Today Down but far from out in New York

Central Texas Cuisine Raises the Steaks, BBC Texas’ food beyond the steak…

The Battle for Truth in Mexico’s Drug Wars, Real Travel Travelling past the hype in drug violence-plagued Northern Mexico

El Chepe – Desde Chihuahua a Los Mochis, Volaris On the great train ride from Chihuahua to Los Mochis via the world’s most spectacular canyons, the Barrancas del Cobre of Mexico (in Spanish)


I specialise in writing on Cuba and Puerto Rico.


The Other Side of Varadero, Lonely Planet Get out of the resort and see the real Northern Cuba

Kuba: Alles Auf Anfang, GeoSaison This glossy, insightful 28-page spread on the new Cuba in Germany’s leading travel magazine is one of the most detailed of any available in print magazine, with 4 pages written by me (in German only)

Cuba’s Best Alternative Beach Stays, Lonely Planet The beach life most visitors to Cuba miss out on…

Easy Bus Trips From Havana, Weather2Travel Some interesting ways to get out and see the Cuba beyond the capital

Brave New World, n by Norwegian A controversial new mega-monument depicting Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World rises in Arecibo, Puerto Rico… beside one of its most important indigenous sites (scroll to page 34)

Where Colonial Meets Controversial, BBC San Juan street art

Puerto Rico: World-class Surf, Dramatic Landscapes and Creole Cuisine, Independent Some very good reasons to go to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: the 51st State of Luxury, Telegraph Where to go to have a glam time in America’s Caribbean playground, Puerto Rico

Perfect Puerto Rico: Round the Island in Six Easy Steps, Weather2Travel A crash course in the very best of Puerto Rico… minus the cliches

The Best Ways to Experience the Dominican Republic, Weather2Travel What to do on the Dominican Republic besides basking on the beaches

Inland Costa Rica: Volcanoes, Forests, Mountains & More, Weather2Travel Exploring the stunning scenery of Central America’s wildlife paradise Costa Rica

Most Memorable Costa Rica Coast Experiences, Weather2Travel For those that prefer Costa Rica strands over its cloud forests and volcanoes


I cover all of South America, but particularly the Andean nations of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and the Amazon Basin (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil).


Spilling the Beans, Lonely Planet Exploring the elusive chocolate industry of Ecuador

My articles on Peru and Ecuador outdoor adventure, KimKim Best of the Ecuadorian Highlands, Best of the Ecuadorian Amazon, One week in Ecuador: 5 Itineraries, Best wildlife lodges in Ecuador, Best wildlife lodges in Peru, Best river cruises in Peru, PLUS: Best ten treks in Peru, Highlights of Peru’s Central Andes, Highlights of the Peruvian Amazon

 Tuber of the Times, Morning Calm Magazine Peru’s obsession with the potato (scroll to p91)

Peru for Foodies: A Journey Through the Country’s Culinary Hotspots, Lonely Planet Peru’s gastronomic highlights, by region, and where to go to scout them out

Magical Travel Adventures in Peru, Orkney Today Strange encounters in and around Peru’s Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley)

Battling with the Amazon in Deepest Peru, TRVL Weird food and bizarre film shoots in the mayhem of Iquitos, the jungle metropolis of the Peruvian Amazon

Soul Searching: Exploring Central Chile Through the Homes of Pablo Neruda, Lonely Planet Travels to the eccentric houses lived in by Latin America’s greatest poet in Chile

Top Wellness Spots in Latin America, Lonely Planet The best places for healing therapies and luxurious indulgences in Mexico, Central America and South America


With the UK I write exclusively about the Great Outdoors.

Hergestridge, Kington8

Is This Britain’s Toughest Hiking Trail?, Red Bull Adventure Tips for tramping the UK’s toughest long distance hike, the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland’s Northwest Highlands

Off the Beaten Fairway, BBC  The weirdest places to play golf in Scotland

Ten Unmissable Hikes in Scotland, Red Bull Adventure The trails you have to traipse in the Scottish Highlands before you die…

A Short Trip to Experience Life at the Edge, Orkney Today Seaweed-eating Sheep and Ancient History on the Remotest of Scotland’s Orkney Islands 

The Sophisticated Flavours of Rural Wales, BBC Culinary revolution in the Brecon Beacons, Wales

Where the Going Gets Green Discovering the magic of a Brecon Beacons road trip

Mind the Gap, the Divan & the Lawnmower, Guardian What really gets left behind on the Underground in London…


I have forged a reputation for my writing on Scandinavia and Eastern Europe…


Brave New World: The Quirks of Finland’s Saunas, Rough Guides The cultural place of the sauna in Finland society

Head in the Clouds, Morning Calm Magazine Trekking through Finnish Lapland’s remote swampland on the lookout for the nation’s sacred superfood (scroll to p91)

Existence at the Extremities, Rough Guides Exploring what it takes to survive year-round in the icy wastes of the world’s most northerly inhabited place, Svalbard, Norway

Gourmet Denmark: Traveller’s Guide, Independent Denmark’s culinary charms – in Copenhagen and beyond

Ruin-nation: TravelSuperMag Adventures amidst the fascinating old fortresses of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Košice, Europe’s Unknown Capital of Culture for 2013, BBC Travel Profiling Slovakia’s European City of Culture for 2013

Eastern Europe’s Brutalist Architecture, Lonely Planet Introducing Eastern Europe’s most intriguing archetypal Communist-era architecture

Bratislava for Free, Lonely Planet An array of ways to experience Slovakia’s capital Bratislava gratis! Slovakia travel and culture site run by me between 2012 and 2017, with over 200 articles on different aspects of Slovak life.


BBC Travel

Easyjet Traveller




Lonely Planet

Morning Calm Magazine – April (scroll to p91 or search for “tuber of the times” and click result 2) September (scroll to p91 or search for “head in the clouds” and click result 2)

n by Norwegian

Rough Guides




Adventure Travel (hiking mostly)

Culinary Travel (particularly Latin American cuisine)

I also write about writing – the art of it, my new novel, literature generally. That kind of thing.


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