The Amazon. The Andes. Europe from Slovakia to Scotland and Scandinavia. World cuisine from wacky street food to fine wine. Travel ideas for next year. 50 titles and counting. One common theme in all of my travel writing (indeed, all my fiction writing too) is my obsession with wildernesses. And it is wildernesses which I am normally asked to write about, whether under the guise of tropical rain forests, far-flung mountain ranges, pathless moorland or Arctic wastes. To me, they’re all part of the adventure-inspiring Great Outdoors.

Below are my travel/non-fiction book titles; for my fiction see here and for a selection of the journals/newspapers/magazines I have written for see here.

For a complete list of the travel books I’ve written or contributed to – in English and French – you can also visit my page.


South America is my key passion where travel writing – and, in fact, a great deal of fiction writing – is concerned. My main specialisms are the Amazon and the Andes – I have written on these two vast and varied regions for several travel books, including for the last eight editions of Lonely Planet’s Peru, Discover Peru, Best of Peru and Ecuador titles, as well as the South American content for landmark culinary travel books such as Food Lovers Guide to the World. In their mystery-shrouded culture and nature, and perhaps in their sheer extent too, there is something of the infinite; something that will always elude being fully defined. Something intoxicating.


In the Caribbean, I write primarily about Cuba and Puerto Rico, and have written the past five editions of Lonely Planet’s books on the islands. I have travelled the length and breadth of Central America too, and have made contributions to several books on the region,including World’s Best Spicy Food and the World’s Best Street Food.


I mainly write adventure travel features on the UK, but also wrote three First Edition guidebooks for Avalon Travel Publishing, as well as contributing chapters to Lonely Planet coffee table books such as Cooks, Clowns & Cowboys and Great Adventures.


I have spent four years living in Eastern Europe – in Bratislava, Slovakia. During this time I have gleaned some fascinating insights into the culture and the countryside here and became one of the world’s foremost writers on Slovakian travel & culture (and the foremost in English). I also ran the leading in-English Slovak travel and culture site,, between 2012 and 2017. Thus the Slovakia chapters of the below, written by me, contain some of the best in-English info on the country possible. I have also written on Slovakia for reference titles such as Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails and Everyday Adventures.


In the last couple of years I’ve found myself spending increasing amounts of time in, and fascinated by, Scandinavia, home of Europe’s most extreme wildernesses. This has already resulted in my contributions to a few books on the region, including the chapters on Finland and Denmark in the latest Rough Guide to Europe, as well as contributing chapters to reference books including World’s Best Superfoods and National Parks of Europe.




I am fascinated by how cuisine, and the acts of eating and drinking, can epitomise the culture of a region or country. This obsession very much carries over into my fiction writing, but the seeds were sown with my non-fiction writing on this topic.


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