Travel Writing

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Nationals/Internationals BBC, Independent, Telegraph, Sunday Times, Guardian, National Geographic, Which?, Dagens Nyheter Adventure Lonely Planet,, Lonely Planet Magazine,, Insight Guides, Avalon Travel Publishing, Walk Magazine,, Adventure Travel Magazine, Flashpack, Geo Magazine (Germany), Red Bull Adventure Channel, Culture Trip, KimKim In-flight N by Norwegian, Morning Calm Magazine, Easyjet Traveller Other Time Out, Destinations of the World News

Regionally: I specialise in writing about the UK (mainly on outdoors/adventure), Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Svalbard), Eastern Europe (especially Czech Republic and Slovakia) and Latin America (particularly the Caribbean, Andes and Amazon) 

Thematically: Culinary and Outdoor/Adventure travel 

Commissioning Editors, PRs and indeed anyone else who fancies taking a look – please scroll across by clicking on that arrow to see samples of my writing, and of the various publications I work with to produce content – books, articles and features both in digital and in print – that inspires people to travel.

My clients want to work with me:

  • Because of my regional expertise which goes far beyond the standard and extends to the truly off-the-beaten-track, giving writing I produce the edge for originality. 
  • Because of the evocative, inspiring nature of my writing: I only write about what I truly care about, and passion cannot be faked!
  • Because of the awards and accolades my writing has won: including being LATA Latin American Travel Writer of the Year 2019. 
  • Because of my reliability in producing quality work to deadline.
  • Because I can back up written content with strong images when requested. 

For any queries, please contact me.

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