Travel Writing


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Nationals/Internationals BBC, Independent, Telegraph, Guardian, Which?, Dagens Nyheter Adventure Lonely Planet,, Lonely Planet Magazine,, Insight Guides, Avalon Travel Publishing, Walk Magazine,, Adventure Travel, GeoSaison, Red Bull Adventure Channel,  KimKim In-flight N by Norwegian, Morning Calm Magazine, Easyjet Traveller Other Time Out, Destinations of the World News

Regionally: I specialise in writing about the UK (mainly on outdoors/adventure), Eastern Europe (especially Czech Republic and Slovakia), Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Svalbard) and Latin America (particularly the Caribbean, the Andes and the Amazon), 

Thematically: Culinary and Outdoor/Adventure travel 

Commissioning Editors, PRs and indeed anyone else who fancies taking a look – please scroll across by clicking on that arrow to see samples of my writing, and of the various publications I work with to produce content – books, articles and features both in digital and in print – that inspires people to travel.

My clients want to work with me:

  • Because of my regional expertise which goes far beyond the standard and extends to the truly off-the-beaten-track, giving content I produce the edge for originality. 
  • Because of the evocative, inspiring nature of my writing: I only write about what I truly care about, and passion cannot be faked!
  • Because of the awards and accolades my writing has won: the latest being Latin American Travel Writer of the Year. 
  • Because of my reliability in producing quality work to deadline.
  • Because I can back up written content with strong images when requested. 

For any queries, please contact me.


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