Adventure Travel

“The hospedaje owner is temporary confused when we say we are here to get to the place with the sunrise. But he’s missed the emphasis on the “The”.

“Ah, you mean THE sunrise – at Tres Cruces! But that is a journey of many hours: you must leave at 2am tomorrow. And when you get there, there is nothing! Just a sun rising over the jungle. And once you have seen that, you must return.”

  The “nothing there” thing. Brilliant. That, after all, was why we were going to this outpost on the cusp between Andes and Amazon. 

We set off in a battered Mercedes in the dead of night, along by the crumbling little town’s river grumbling whitely to itself, wrapped in moth-eaten blankets. There’s no moon. It is only when we pass under the one streetlight that I realise with a horror that this isn’t the driver we’d arranged the ride with yesterday. This is someone we have never seen before…”


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