Why Me?

View from the office…

Interested in working with me on a commission? I certainly hope so! Here are a few things you can expect about my working style:

Reliability & Punctuality

If there is a deadline to meet, I take pride in meeting it. In 15+ years as a professional travel writer, I’ve never missed a single deadline, whether that’s turning around a piece for the nationals in under a day or scribing for many months on a 100,000+ word book. 


With a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, it will perhaps come as no surprise to you that a hallmark of my writing is its evocativeness, the sense of place it conjures up, and the unique way in which it does that. If it’s moving, thought-provoking, attention-grabbing writing that you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Experience & Quality

Writing is what I am best at: top-quality, riveting writing, ideally on an unusual subject that illuminates a whole new world to its readers. I’ve been specialising in this sort of writing for 15+ years: more-or-less exclusively. The house I own was paid for solely by the words I have written and that, I can tell you, involved a fair few commissions from people like you who wanted me to help turn their writing project into a reality.    


I’ve written for the big publications like the BBC and National Geographic; the nationals from the Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent in the UK to Dagens Nyheter in Sweden, the adventure-oriented titles from Adventure.com to Red Bull Adventure, the punchy round-ups, the long, lovely, immersive features, the odd eye-catching entries in destination guidebooks and the full-length 400-page books in their entirety from first word to final flourish. Among my biggest projects are my two (to date) novels, Roebuck and Song Castle, and my latest endeavour, an in-depth look at the UK’s 100 finest country walks for wildlife-lovers in collaboration with BBC Springwatch, Springwatch: Great British Walks


If you have a complex project to commission – or an unusual or beyond-the-obvious one – I’d love to be part of it. A cursory glance at any of my travel articles travel books, copywriting projects or novels will explain why. I have made tackling out-of-the-ordinary assignments my USP: capturing a hike through Britain’s greatest wilderness, for example, or copywriting a series of six cultural trails through Northeast England to rebrand it as ancient Christian crossroads of the British Isles. The more eclectic the topic and the wilder the location, the more my interest is piqued.

Passion & Dedication to the Cause

I love travelling, especially in the parts of the world I know best – the Great British countryside, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Latin America. I love adventure, I love literature, I love history and I love world cuisine. If your commission in any way, shape or form touches upon a subject I’m passionate about, then you can expect way-beyond-the-call-of-duty enthusiasm and dedication to help you see the project over the line, looking perfect. Of course, even if your commission isn’t on any of the above, I’ll make it happen and happen beautifully but – as everywhere on this website has probably already intimated to you – it’s the above fields in which I like to work best. 


I’ll happily be in communication with you throughout the duration of the project to update you on the very latest so that your concerns are swiftly assuaged! (via the medium of your choice).