Small Country, Big Hike – Feature on Liechtenstein for N by Norwegian’s Adventure Issue!

A lot of you might have already seen this feature, given Norwegian’s increasingly vast network these days. June is their adventure issue and I duly went on an adventure for it: although not to a place that many people associate with adventure – or with very much at all, due to its tiny size.

Little Liechtenstein is only 24km from tip to tail – doze off on a cross-Europe flight or train ride and you might miss out on it altogether – and was mainly known either for its tax haven status or being run, more or less, by a prince. But this year Liechtenstein celebrates its tercentenary, and is actually getting a bit of international interest for different reasons. One of these is the cool new way they have elected to celebrate their 300th year of existence as a nation, by opening a walking route right the way across it: the Liechtenstein Trail. 

It’s a trail that takes you, pretty much, to every major sight in the country, all in a long weekend. No other hiking trail anywhere in the world can claim that.

So I hiked the 75km route to find out what Liechtenstein was really all about. 

This is the result!

Small Country, Big Hike

(scroll to this 9-page story on p48-56, either on the link or (this month only) when you’re in the air with Norwegian)


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