Inverclyde’s Radical Rejuvenation: Can this Scottish Port Become the UK’s Top Cruise Hub? – Article for the Telegraph

The Beacon Arts Centre contrasts strikingly with the old customs building at Greenock’s impressive new port – image by Luke Waterson

The River Clyde. Long synonymous with either the boom of industry – or the death of it, and the deprivation it leaves in its wake. Glasgow’s stretch of the river has always got the most publicity, but it was downstream of Glasgow, in Inverclyde, where the fate of the river always laid. Here its port, Greenock, either prospered, and made Glasgow prosper, or slumped, and made Glasgow do the same. Inverclyde has seen many ups and downs over the years, but 2019 seems set to mark a rapid rise, with two major new cultural centres on the cards alongside a port intent on becoming Britain’s biggest cruise hub.

I braved some atrocious weather earlier this spring to head up to Greenock and get the latest on the region’s rapid rejuvenation. This for the Telegraph:


Can a Radical Overhaul of this Scottish Port Make it the UK’s Top Cruise Hub?

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