Trail of the Unexpected – Feature for Adventure Travel

Liechtenstein is, nearly always, unexpected whenever it crops up in conversation. The minuscule size of this nation – just 24km from tip to tail – ensures that. Take away the associations with tax havens and royal families and one is left struggling to think of anything iconically ‘Liechtensteinian’ at all. Mountains? Well yes, there are mountains. But that is only the beginning of what Liechtenstein offers, and a walk through it reveals quite a lot of the utterly unexpected.

And walk through it I did this spring, to celebrate the opening of Liechtenstein’s new (only) cross-country hiking route, created as part of its 300th birthday party in 2019.

Here is my account of it for Adventure Travel magazine, out in the current July-August issue on Europe’s Greatest Escapes… 

Trail of the Unexpected – Feature for Adventure Travel

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