Under the Stars in Europe

The above heading shares the rare distinction of being both a permanent state of mind for me AND an exciting new title I’ve co-authored. Of all the books I’ve written or contributed to (and the list is well over 50 now) this, I can honestly say, is one of those I am most proud of.

The book, published by Lonely Planet this spring, took five solid months of work from me, fellow author Kerry Walker and editor Matt Phillips, and focuses on the best places across this incredible and impossibly varied continent to stay out in the middle of nature (the best possible way to appreciate it, obviously!). It takes you through each of Europe’s great outdoors destinations, introducing the most magical campsites, glamping sites and wacky places purpose-built for the appreciation and enjoyment of nature in its myriad forms.

It features an outdoor spa in the woods in Northern Ireland, a coastguard hut-turned hostel in Scotland, a designer tree hotel in Sweden, traditional shepherd’s huts in Sardinia and over 200 other possibilities that best showcase the exquisite nature of the destination in which they sit, and encourages travel through Europe from a new perspective: that of getting away from it all (and consequently, of course, getting back to all that matters most).

Itching to get your hands on a copy of this beautiful book for coffee table inspiration or for planning future back-to-nature adventures? Buy it at the link below:

Under the Stars Europe by Lonely Planet

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