Hiking Coast-to-Coast Across Scotland: With No Trail – Feature for Adventure.com

Hiking through Ardnamurchan. Credit – Luke Waterson

With all the long-distance walking routes there are now, it’s hard to conceive of why, in winsome walker-friendly Europe, one would ever need to forge one’s own trail in the manner a Wild West pioneer or an early Amazon explorer might have done. Well, when you are going against the grain, you sometimes need to. In Scotland, the traverse of the country between east and west has become something of a thing hardy adventurers seek out (it is an annual challenge run by TGO, no less), because the way the glens and mountain through-routes are skewed is overwhelmingly north-south. Meaning if, as I did last September, you want to hike from Peterhead, Scotland’s easternmost point, to Ardnamurchan Head, its westernmost, you need to head over some serious mountains, where way-marked paths and indeed any kind of trails whatsoever seldom venture. Here is my feature for Adventure.com on the 12-day, 275-mile trek with nothing but a good old-fashioned map and compass to find my way…

The Simple Joys of Planning a 12-day Hike – the Old-School Way – feature for Adventure.com

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