Scotland and its Whisky: A First Taste – Article for Lonely Planet

I love a theme that eases you in, ever so gently, to in-depth, off-the-beaten-track exploration of a country, and for me there is nothing that accomplishes this better than the tantalising topic of whisky in Scotland. In my opinion, there is no food or drink on the planet that offers such insights into a country’s history, geography and culture as the water of life does here.

In my latest for Lonely Planet, I take a look at how following your taste buds in search of the drink in its finest guises across this northerly nation offers up some memorable experiences – from fabulous city whisky bars to centuries-old smugglers’ trails. And of course, it’s not just your sense of sight that will be bedazzled in the process: whisky’s scents and tastes are every bit as magical as its looks!

A Beginner’s Guide to Scottish Whisky: History, Regions, Trails – and the Best Places to Enjoy a Drop

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