Dream Trips: Adventurous Journeys From Across the Parts of the Globe I Know and Love for the Telegraph

Hiking across the causeway to Lindisfarne in Northumberland on the St Cuthbert’s Way can seem, from certain angles when the tide is out, to give off views like an expanse of the Sahara Desert. Clambering through Peru’s Andes, the vistas can be reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. When we see something beautiful anywhere in the world, it is often a combination of elements that are utterly unexpected and elements that are familiar and remind us of places we already know.

With this new, exciting and far-reaching project from the Telegraph, charting 1,000 journeys in different parts of the world that give readers itineraries that will both astonish them and also, many hours from where they live, make them feel right at home, I wrote about trips that take the traveller up barely known mountain ranges in Eastern Europe and have them following their taste buds from the quality chocolate they buy from the supermarket to the plantations in southern Ecuador where the cacao originates.

What I loved most about this work was how I basically got to tell readers about my very favourite places on Earth, from the St Cuthbert’s Way that straddles the England-Scotland border to the sandy beaches of Cuba and the spectacularly wild coast of Chile, not to mention my favourite forms of transport (by narrowboat on Wales’ Llangollen Canal, by wheezing steam train in the Peruvian mountains).

Rather than link to my specific featured trips, please take the time to have the travel experience the Telegraph intend with this. Go to the Dream Trips Homepage and then key in what things are important to you on your dream trip to take you through to original and intrepid adventures ideal for you.

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