The Northern Saints Project: Writing into Being the Christian Crossroads of the British Isles

It’s been a quiet three months on this site, but no chance of that being reflected in reality!

Requests from clients I’ve worked with in the past as an independent travel writer have meant that I have been taking on some boutique travel content copywriting assignments: specifically on Northeast England and Liechtenstein. In both cases it has been a true privilege to be chosen to write the key content that promotes these destinations. My philosophy has always been that there is no reason why great copywriting cannot be as engaging as a well-written travel feature, and I think that’s something that has come across well in the below.

My work for the Northern Saints Project (result to be aired publicly on March 20th) in the first quarter of this year was particularly far-reaching.

This year, tourism authorities in the Northeast of England – a region covering the ancient city of Durham, the vibrant cities of Newcastle and Sunderland and the glorious beaches and rolling moors of Northumberland – are justifiably deciding to launch the project that showcases this entrancing region in all its historic and topographic magic. Entitled the Northern Saints Project because of the insights into the region’s crucial role as the cradle of Christianity and pilgrimage in England, it sees the creation of six fabulous new hiking trails across the Northeast to allow visitors to explore this heritage for themselves. My work essentially involved writing in-depth, eye-catching guides to each trail in two formats: fold-out map brochures and a guidebook to the region focussing on these trails, and writing digital content to accompany the printed content and make the user experience a truly interactive one.  You can read more about it on the copywriting section of my site!

I’ve also been working over the last months to provide Liechtenstein with some inspirational content regarding the new cross-country hiking route (the Liechtenstein Trail) developed to celebrate the nation’s 300th anniversary in 2019 and the results are here for all to see!

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