On Welsh Craft Brews…

Scotland has its whisky and Ireland has Poitín.

But on some beery research for the Welsh food and drink quarterly Taste Blas recently, I discovered that perhaps it is Wales, out of all the parts of the UK, that is most deserving of the moniker ‘craft beer capital.’ Yes, it may be better known for its lamb and its barra brith. But the Welsh have a significantly higher craft-brewery-to-head-of-population ratio than the English, the Scottish or the Irish, it transpires. Craft beer here is in the middle of its honeymoon: it is a buoyant, inventive industry that has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, is oozing confidence thanks to multiple awards of late, and yet still has so much further to go. Here is my features profiling the craft beer scene in Wales and introducing a few of its finest brews covering everywhere from Swansea to Snowdonia. This for the spring issue of the magazine…

Right Up Your Valley – Feature for Taste Blas


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