Around the World: in Beer – Global Beer Tour Published

The other day, on the final stretch of a 2-day walk through Mid-Wales, I realised that, footsore after a 50-mile tramp, I was planning the last part of my route back via pubs that served cracking ale (as a sort of motivation). Yes, like a nomad in the desert might plan a route via oases. Coming in from a gruelling hike or bike (or, indeed, other activity) and kicking back by a bar with a good brew is one of life’s great pleasures; has been for centuries. Appreciating a beer, indeed, is something a host of countries around the world derive a lot of pleasure in. It’s a global drink, in this sense – just as football can claim to be a global sport (wine or gin are, despite being delicious drinks, more like cricket or rugby, raved about in certain places but unknown in others).

The latest book I have contributed to – Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour – is out this month. It ushers you through 30 of the world’s most interesting beer-brewing nations, taking you to some memorable brewpubs and even – once you have sampled the beer, obviously – telling you a bit about the culture of the place you are drinking in…

More About Global Beer Tour

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