Obsessing Over Peruvian Rivers – Article for KimKim

Ah, boat trips. They fill me with an excitement no other means of transport can – particularly river trips, because they take you into the hinterland of a country; its bowels, so to speak. Few countries can offer such a multitude of river trips as Peru. Many of these start in the Andes mountains or ‘high jungle’ (selva alta) then run down into the Amazon itself. Some are on ancient cargo boats, some on no more than a kayak, some on fancy cruises. In this piece, for adventure travel planning site KimKim, I’ve put together a compilation of my favourite voyages on Peruvian waterways: guaranteed to transport you to somewhere you have never been before! It was doing these river trips in the first place that provided a lot of the inspiration for my debut novel Roebuck, an adventure set in the Amazon in the 16th century.

Best River Trips in Peru

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