Going Off Piste in the Caribbean

Travelling the Caribbean’s ‘roads less travelled’ has been a hallmark of my travel writing of late. I’ve been working quite a lot with the insightful publication Weather 2 Travel, which combines destination features with up-to-the-minute weather and climate information for those destinations. Whilst curiously in these last few months my wanderings seem to have been in corners of Europe bereft of decent weather (my girlfriend jokes that I now have a rain cloud permanently fixed over my head!), the writing about these destinations bathed in almost perpetual sunshine at least has me champing at the bit to return to the Caribbean (which I will be at the end of October).

The two articles below will at least do one thing for the reader: they will debunk that commonly-held myth that the Caribbean is all sand and surf. That, of course, constitutes a large percentage of its periphery. But what about inland? What about the adventures that await there? Well…

Best Ways to Experience the Dominican Republic

Inland Costa Rica: Volcanoes, Forests, Mountains & More


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