Head in the Cloudberries – Feature for Morning Calm Magazine


Autumn comes round quickly. This tends to get drummed home to all of us once we start having to write the month /09 on correspondence and bank holiday memories begin to be drowned in a multi-day deluge (the view out of my writing room in Wales right now). 

A blink of an eye more and the vice of winter will be tightening its grip, particularly in Scandinavia.

But there is still time (during September) to make the trip out to Finland before the dark days of winter kick in and try your hand at that activity Finns associate with the great outdoors more than any other – foraging.

This July, I travelled to the isolated Lapland community of Ranua to join the locals at the beginning of their brief but bountiful foraging season to discover more about the cult of cloudberry gathering. (The cloudberry, a pale orange berry known as Lapland’s Gold, is the most sought-after of Finland’s wild foods.)

And here is the result. This for Morning Calm, the Korean Airways in-flight magazine

Head in the Cloudberries (go to page 90)

Oh – and the dude in the cloudberry-coloured outfit? He’s the cloudberry professor. Really. Perhaps the world’s one and only.

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