Coasteering… What to Know Before You Jump – Article for Red Bull Adventure Channel

I live in Wales: moist, green, castle-dotted, crag-spotted Wales. One always tends to think of the mountains when one thinks of this little country and there are, of course, many good reasons for that. (One range of mountains, in particular, is looming on my own horizon as I train up for October’s 15km Clwydian Hills Fell Race). But one should never forget about the spectacular coastline of Wales: a coastline that can hurl up exhilarating adventures a-plenty.

And I’d been here only a matter of weeks before it was off to the west coast of Pembrokeshire, home to some of the most impressive cliff scenery in Europe, to try something else that the county is well known for: the sport known as coasteering. Pembrokeshire it was that gave birth to this sport and it remains an absolutely phenomenal place to do it.

My article on coasteering for Red Bull Adventure Channel

Feature image: ©Visit Wales


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