Latin America in the Extreme: My Top Adventure Travel Articles for Kimkim

Over the last year or so I’ve been doing a lot of work with leading adventure travel operators Kimkim to boost their online travel content. Needless to say, they’ve wanted me to write for them on some of the destinations I know best: namely Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Cuba. This has been work I’ve particularly enjoyed because Kimkim really do epitomise what adventure travel means: not simply getting off the beaten track or taking on the most hair-raising hike around, but also engaging with locals, tapping into a destination’s culture and ultimately just thinking a little more about your travels and the effect they have on others.

Here are my personal (current, and ever-changing) top ten Kimkim adventure travel pieces – enjoy:

10: 24 Hours in Cusco

9: Highlights of the Peruvian Amazon

8: Cuba’s Best Beaches

7: Peru’s Best Train Rides

6: Best River Cruises in the Peruvian Amazon

5: Top Highlights of Argentina (and How to Do Them Differently)

4: Peru’s Best Incan Ruins (That Aren’t Machu Picchu)

3: Highlights of Peru’s Central Andes

2: Best 10 Treks in Peru

1: Cuisine of Peru: Top Dishes and Where to Try Them


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