Song Castle: My New Novel to be Published in Spring 2018

If someone had asked me a few years back if I would be alternating my writing focus between Puerto Rico and the castle-dotted Welsh hills at any point of my career I would have laughed.

But here I am: just back from the Caribbean (for research for a new travel book on Puerto Rico) and now in darkest Wales, where my new novel, Song Castle, is taking shape.

Song Castle – a work of historic fiction set in the medieval heyday of the early Welsh Princes – will be the first novel I’ve written whilst living in the place the book is set, so hopefully this will lend an interesting dimension to the writing process.

As for subject matter, all I can reveal at the moment is that music and castles both feature significantly…

Right now, cover images are being worked on and the official announcement about the book will be made on my publisher’s website, Urbane Publications, early in the New Year.

The projected publication date will be spring 2018.

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