The Call of the Caribbean…

We novelists have to pay the bills somehow, you understand…

Thus I’m heading off tomorrow to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico for what travel writers conveniently term a “research” trip for the next month (until mid-December).

Over the last few years writing about the Caribbean has become one of my specialities: I’ve had my work on the island published both as guidebooks and as features for the likes of Lonely Planet, the Telegraph, the Independent and the BBC.

I aim to keep the ball rolling this time, too: a large part of my work there this next month or so will be for travel guidebook publishers Lonely Planet, and I’ll be tweeting in this capacity too over the coming weeks (expect suitably smug pictures of cocktails in hand, toes wiggling in the idyllic sands).

That will be by day, anyway. Come the evenings I hope to get in plenty of writing of Novel Two (in between those cocktails).

Anyway. It’s hasta la vista as far as this site goes until I return in December. See you on social media – perhaps direct from the surf-kissed beach…

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