Peru and the Potato – Feature for Morning Calm, Korean Air’s In-Flight Magazine

Out today – and no April fool: my first published work in Korean. The reason? I have a six-page feature in Morning Calm, the in-flight publication for Korean Airways, in their magazine this month (it’s in English too).

I had great fun on the research for this one – an in-depth look at Peru and the nation’s relationship with the potato, titled Tuber of the Times. Needless to say, I discovered plenty of things about this humble root I never knew before.

Of course, for anyone in the know, a potato is NOT just a potato in Andean South America. Peru is the home of the potato, for one thing. And for another, there are thousands of varieties cultivated there. The potato occupies a role in the country’s history going back millennia as well…

It’s such a lovely, glossy article this site doesn’t have the capacity to display the PDF  – but follow the link below – and scroll to page 91!

Tuber of the Times

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