2018 (Through My Latest Reference Books, from Puerto Rican beaches to Peruvian train rides to the Welsh coffee scene!)

And there it was, 2018, passed by in a flash! Passed by so speedily, in fact, that I haven’t even had a moment to mention the latest books I have authored or contributed to. So here we are, in order of the month they were published: a list that it has been a particular privilege to write because of the diversity of destinations and bizarre modes of travel that they cover. 

One could argue that things don’t come much more bizarre than 12th-century Wales through the eyes of travelling performers (the subject of my latest novel Song Castle, published this April).

But the great thing about travel is that sometimes it can be stranger and more exotic than fiction… this year I contributed to travel books that deal with everything from backpacking to boutique hotel travel in Puerto Rico, with epic train journeys from the Andes to mid-Wales, with the world’s most eclectic coffee experiences, with must-try foods (and how to find them) from Sri Lanka to Brazil, with discovering Brutalist buildings in Eastern Europe and with pampering yourself in wellness retreats all the way from India to the savannah to the Inca heartland of South America…

Puerto Rico…


The latest edition of the Puerto Rico guidebook, authored by me for the second time, and containing brand new insights into its best beaches, mountain retreats, history and culture. Out: November 2017.

Global Coffee Tour…


As a self-confessed coffeeholic, it was close to a dream to write on some of the British contributions to the world’s booming coffee scene. Out: May 2018

Everyday Adventures…


Just as much as voyaging across the world, it’s important to appreciate the little things – those that can be right under your nose or outside your back yard. This book focuses on the adventures no one would ever think of as adventures… my contribution to this one was on the unsung wonders of Brutalist architecture. Out: July 2018

Ultimate Eatlist…


The world’s top 500 food experiences – and about 30 of these written by me, from divine seafood cazuela in Chile to succulent mud crab in Darwin, Australia: a mouthwatering list indeed. Out: August 2018

Amazing Train Journeys…


Is there a better way to travel than by rail? Not for many of us: its often a glamorous, step-back-in-time experience that transports you through the back doors of destinations, and right into the heart of some superb countryside. For me, the best railway journeys traverse remote landscapes, and the selection I have contributed to this book reflect this: read on for more on rail rides along the rim of Latin America’s deepest canyons and up the sheer slopes of the Andes on the train journey with the world’s greatest elevation change, amongst others… Out: October 2018

Wellness Escapes…


I wrote over 25% of the content for this fascinating look at the world’s utmost wellness getaways: a journey which taps into ancient healing methodologies from the hot stones of traditional Inca medicine, through Mayan sweat lodges and Scottish seaweed therapy to yoga and meditation in the land that can deservedly claim to be the capital of yoga and meditation: India. Out: November 2018

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