The premier event in the Welsh cultural calendar starts today, and I have a fair few reasons for being excited about it. The National Eisteddfod kicks off in Cardiff Bay, running until August 11.

As those of you who are acquainted with the subject of my new novel Song Castle will know, the book tells the tale of the very first Eisteddfod, in 1176, and the adventures of the bards and other colourful characters on the perilous road through Wales to the castle where the festival is taking place. Whilst today’s Eisteddfodd is a celebration of tradition and the ancient beauty of the Welsh language, little is made of the 1176 festival which began it all.

But the good news is that you can find out about the story of the world’s oldest cultural festival at this year’s Eisteddfod. Come to stand C22 (Parthian Books) or stand 84 (Welsh Books Council), or to Octavo’s Book Cafe (right by this year’s Eisteddfod in the Bay) to find Song Castle on sale!

Hope to see some of you there on Saturday the 4th! (when the trade stands open)

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