A Homage to Scotland’s NW Highlands

In early 2016, for a few very random months, I was lucky enough to live on an estate in Scotland’s Northwest Highlands (the part the crowds generally avoid). The scenery – mountain-flanked sea lochs, surreal rock formations and lonely glens and some of the country’s most gorgeous beaches – would have been a startlingly beautiful place to visit at any time of year, but I was living there and at a time which fortuitously coincided with one of the most sublime late winters/early springs on record: four weeks of clear blue skies and stunning visibility, even from the peaks. So otherworldly was the scenery that I fell into what later seemed a strange, multi-week dream: planning days around hiking the highlands, almost every day, for the entirety of this rare, glorious period of sunshine.

I did not write about it that much: I was too busy enjoying it! But I did get to experience a lot of this fabulous hiking terrain at one of the best times in terms of its weather, and compiled my top ten hikes in the region for Red Bull Adventure.

As springtime is coming again (which for me always means hiking), I thought I’d share my favourite walks in the highlands with you here again:

Ten Unmissable Hikes in Scotland

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