Song Castle: It’s Official – My Latest Novel is Out in April

It has been four months in the research, almost one year and 125,000 words in the writing, but I am pleased and proud to announce that my second novel, Song Castle, is due out in April.

The words have been written and that wondrous process that transforms a word document into a beautiful novel is happening as we speak.

It has been a long journey – a journey almost as long as that which some of the characters in the novel has to undergo – and has entailed me living pretty much constantly in the 12th century for most of the last year.

Song Castle takes place over the winter of 1176 and 1177, and follows the adventures of a group of bards and musicians from across the known world as they travel to perform at an unprecedentedly grand festival being thrown in the far west of Wales. And the getting there is only part of the ordeal. Once there, these entertainers will compete in one of two contests: of vocal song or of instrumental song. But upon arrival, the motives of those that have gathered to revel away this bitter winter are not at all what they first seem. And as stranger and stranger things start happening, the song contest progresses, round by round, ratcheting up the tension: jettisoning the weakest entrants and pitting the bitterest rivals against each other…

Click here for more on Song Castle, and scroll down on the link for some comical photos from the cover shoot (yes, the medieval-looking chap is yours truly).

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