Interlude: Ice

The one word I can safely say applies to all of my odysseys around the world is “rugged.”

But after having experienced the western hemisphere’s loftiest mountains, the world’s largest (hot) desert, and the planet’s greatest rainforest, Svalbard, Norway, where I’ll be over the next couple of weeks, nevertheless represents a departure from the norm for me. In all fairness, it represents a departure from more or less everything. It’s Europe’s last frontier, in many senses: the continent’s most extensive utter wilderness and most northerly extent, where near-perpetual darkness still reigns at the moment along with far-below-zero temperatures.

 Of course, besides Northern Lights viewing opportunities and the slight but nevertheless distinct possibility of catching glimpse of a polar bear, what I am relishing most about this trip is the prospect of just being ensconced in such a confoundingly unearthly place. A place where mankind has to date only made a limited impact. My kind of place.

All this means, of course, that this site will not be updated over the  following fortnight. For queries relating to Svalbard, commissions or otherwise, please Contact Me

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