The Best Hotels In and Around Bratislava!! – A Series of Reviews for the Telegraph

Over the coming weeks I’m writing a series of reviews of my favourite hotels in the Bratislava area for the Telegraph. These will include an exciting and eclectic selection of the ultimate in luxury available in Slovakia’s capital. And it may not come as too much of a surprise to Eastern Europe aficionados like myself that in the quality-expense trade-off Bratislava scores exceptionally highly on a worldwide scale. Indeed, one of its finest hotels, Hotel Marrol’s, hit the headlines for being the best-value of that elite category of luxury places to stay, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Indeed it’s Hotel Marrol’s which features first in my series of reviews. So Saddle up for some serious pampering!

My Review of Marrol’s Boutique Hotel

Now published: My Other Bratislava Hotel Reviews for the Telegraph

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