Guest Speaker at the Ilminster Literary Festival, June 2nd

Everyone: it’s not too late! There is still time to grab your thinking cap and head on down to Ilminster in Somerset for the literary festival that started yesterday and is running until June 9th. I’ll be speaking at the event tonight and I have to say I’m pretty excited by what’s in store! Another promising talk, Behind the Scenes at Chelsea, is on at the Minster Rooms at 7:30, then I’m up at 8:45. Come along for both. II’ll be planning to fit in at least a passing mention of cannibalism and of course a few nuggets on how the UK’s very own West Country is responsible for some of the greatest endeavours in world exploration… come along!!

(I want you to come along so much, you see, that I even updated my original post on speaking at the festival…)

Ilminster: a small, historic town in South Somerset. Its thriving arts scene is already well known across the county: a wonderful cafe-arts venue and the Ilminster Warehouse Theatre, which has a great year-round programme. But the town is set to significantly boost its artistic reputation right now, this very week, as it joins local beacons of the arts (Bridport, Taunton, Sherborne) by hosting its first ever Literary Festival. 

I am delighted to confirm that I’ll be speaking at Ilminster’s inaugural Literary Festival on June 2nd at 8:45pm. This particularly means a lot to me as I grew up in the area and went to school here. Ilminster’s turnaround over the last couple of decades into a thriving capital of the arts in Somerset is something I’m excited to support and be a part of.

Here is the link to Ilminster Literary Festival Website where you can buy tickets for this event and others.

Event: Reverse Migration

At: The Minster Rooms, Ilminster

On: June 2nd 2016, 8:45pm

As a part of: Ilminster Litary Festival, running 1st-9th June 2016

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