Bratislava, Slovakia: Pretty Cool at Christmas for its Fantastic Free Things to Do – Article for Lonely Planet


Bratislava: one of Europe’s most unknown capital cities and one in which I have lived for three years. As I have frequently mentioned on my Slovak travel and culture blog, Englishman in Slovakia, Slovakia’s main and indeed only metropolis is all too often overlooked in favour of those other Eastern European culture hotspots close by: Vienna, Prague and Budapest. 

But one of the ways in which Bratislava can out-trump any of these three more famous city destinations is in its varied and impressive nature: which kicks off right within the city. This means it has a series of wonderful walks and viewpoints, and in turn THESE mean Bratislava boasts is a lot of interesting things to do absolutely free of charge. 

Wandering around the city without shelling out a single Euro cent is the best way to get acquainted with it – particularly as the most festive (and simultaneously most renowned) attraction  is also gratis. This article for Lonely Planet…

Bratislava For Free

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