Exploring Cuba Through the Mojito – Feature for Destinations of the World News

Cuba 2010 378

Cuba is one of my very favourite countries in the world. And when I’m asked why, I invariably have to admit: it’s the people and the parties (or rather the spontaneous way in which a seemingly normal occasion erupts into an excuse of a mighty celebration). African meets Caribbean meets mestizo, salsa meets rumba meets danzón, daiquiri meets Cuba libre meets mojito. 

And any drink’s going to fuel the festivities in Cuba, as long as rum is involved. But it’s the mojito that stands out as the ultimate symbol of the good life in Cuba, along with the cigar. And the cocktail has a correspondingly important part to play in the island’s history and culture…

This piece for Dubai-based luxury mag Destinations of the World News:

Spirit of Mojito: Get Into the Mix of the Mojito in Havana, the Highball Cocktail’s Rum-Drenched Home


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