Roebuck Just Off the Press!


It’s been a huge amount of work over the past few months but together with my publisher, Urbane Publications, and their talented designers, my debut novel Roebuck is no longer just a Word doc or a Pdf but a three-dimensional novel! The whisky was well and truly cracked open last night (for some reason I didn’t have any rum available, although that would have been more in the “spirit” of the novel’s protagonist Anthony Knivet!)

Where to Get Your Hands on a Copy?

First and foremost via my lovely publisher Urbane Publications on this link:

(FYI buying from the publisher direct is the best way of your money going to the people who made the book happen rather than to a big corporation)

Plus at the following outlets:

WH Smiths 
WH Smiths Travel (on the recommended reads stand in the run-up to Christmas)



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