From London to Bratislava – Interview With the Ex-Pat Blog, Enjoy Living Abroad

Contrasts are fun. And upping sticks from London to Bratislava, England to Slovakia, Western Europe to Eastern, comes with contrasts a-plenty – physical ones (Thames to Danube and North Downs to Small Carpathians) and cultural ones (learning a Slavic language, dealing with the lingering vestiges of Communism or sometimes simply the vexing need to rely on RyanAir or Wizz Air even to arrive in the country). Contrasts for sure formed a big part of the reasons why I set up the Englishman in Slovakia website after arriving in Slovakia to live. I wanted people to know what life was like there – to fill in the many blanks in people’s minds. I never thought then that the site would still be going strong today. Here I talk about life on the eastern edge of the EU, and on what readers can expect from (now the world’s most extensive English-language resource on Slovak travel and culture) with Ex-Pat Blog Enjoy Living Abroad…

An Ex-Pat Love Story


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